The journey to Rooted Shots began with one goal in mind: create a dried plant-based shot packed with real superfoods that’s easy to take on the go.


Before Rooted Shots there seemed to be only two options out there, a powdered Vitamin C pack with over 40 ingredients we couldn’t pronounce and 7 grams of sugar in a packet that was 9 grams! Pass. Or a fresh squeezed juice shot, which required driving to a juice bar, waiting in line, and then paying $5. No thanks. Then the idea came to us... What if we could take these two imperfect choices and put them together to make an ideal solution for our on the go and busy life.

We began in our kitchen, tinkering with piles of roots, fruits, and peppers. Then after creating our recipes, we enlisted an amazing food chemist to help us hone in our blends and build out our nutritional benefits. Now we have three plant-based shots with over 500mg of Vitamin C and organic superfoods to give you the wellness boost you need and deserve.

So come join the Rooted Shots family and begin to experience plant-based wellness for yourself! Live Rooted.