Why Rooted Shots
Make You Feel Better


These roots have so many holistic uses they’re near magical.*



There’s so much to talk about with Turmeric. For now, let’s focus on curcumin. It’s one of the most powerful anti-inflammatories that exists, and nothing is more rich in curcumin than turmeric. It’s also anti-oxidative which protects cells from deterioration. In short, there few natural ingredients more effective at protecting your body than turmeric.*

We’ve paired our turmeric shot with black pepper, which increases absorption, but more on that later. Turmeric has a unique flavor… think something like ginger plus carrot.*


Ginger and turmeric are closely related, and share many of the same properties. The active ingredient in Ginger is Gingerol (scientists are so creative). Gingerol fights inflammation, aids in digestion, and reduces nausea. On top of that, it’s anti-viral. So whatever is attacking your body, ginger’s there to help. The fact that it has a spicy, delicious taste is just an added bonus.*


Vitamin C, found in the fruit we use, is crucial for supporting a healthy immune system.*



Oranges are loaded with Vitamin C, and on top of that you get all kinds of biologically active compounds only found in real foods. Oranges contain over 170 phytochemicals to keep your body working right. Our ingredient list is simple… the ingredients aren’t!*


Strawberries bring it with Vitamin C too, along with a host of antioxidants that help destroy free radicals in the body and reduce inflammation. Anti-inflammatories can help you feel better right away, and help you get better faster. The perfect one-two punch.*


Beyond just the Vitamin C, lemons have anti-bacterial properties that fight infections and colds. They bump up your immune system, so it’s better equipped to protect your body, but also get in on the fight themselves. They’re like the medics and the front line.*


Both peppers bring a little kick, and a lot of benefits.*


Black Pepper

Black pepper is turmeric’s sidekick. Curcumin (that incredible compound we talked about earlier) is actually quite hard for our bodies to absorb. Luckily, black pepper has an active ingredient that helps you with that. It’s called piperine (there go those brilliant scientists again).*

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne adds a nice kick to the shot, but also provides some immediate relief. It clears sinuses, helps with congestion, and contains capsaicin, which is a natural pain reliever. Sometimes you just don’t want to wait.*

Round It Out

Our all natural helpers.*


Stevia Leaf

Plant based sweetener with 0 sugar and 0 calories.*

Ascorbic Acid

Food grade Vitamin C.*

Citric Acid

Naturally occurring in fruits. Zing.*

NO Refined Sugar

Sugar feeds your cold. We avoid that.*

Put these superfoods to work
with any of our delicious blends!